Things change quickly in the Crypto Currency world. Be sure to read the most recent posts first, as some programs we talk about in earlier posts may have changed or no longer be available.

Old mobile phones

The promise of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has always been the ease and low cost of person to person cash transactions. But with Bitcoin fees going as high as they are now, this dream seemed to be fading. Now there is a new service, still in beta, that looks to be able to fulfill this promise and even without an internet connection! The service utilizes the text messaging platform Cointext, who recently announced the public launch. Using Context, anyone with a mobile phone to transact with bitcoin cash (BCH) without internet services using the phone’s Short Message Service (SMS) protocol. […]

Bitcoin Chart

It’s been an exciting year for the cryptocurrency world, and you may be wondering what 2018 holds for Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. If so, you are not alone – interest, coverage and speculation is at an all time high! A quick look at history provides one view. On January 1st, 2017, Bitcoin was valued at just under $1,000; $998.99 to be exact. That value jumped over 13x to $13,354 as 2018 opened. If you followed this (rather simplistic) line of reasoning, that would put Bitcoin over $175,000 this time next year! But, not so fast – the […]

Bitcoin Prices

There is a lot going on in the crypto world right now, and the wary investor should stay tuned into the market closely for the next few weeks. The introduction of futures trading at the CBOE and CME helped to stabilise prices, possibly saving the most recent downturn from a much wilder ride. But there are also a lot of voices out there who are making various claims. The question is, why? Do they know something we don’t, or are they trying to simply move the market? We’ve seen a lot of that in the past, and there is no […]

closed bank

BREAKING NEWS: According to the website,, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when sitting down with reporters to an off the cuff Q&A at the Israeli parliament’s diner, was asked for his advice whether an individual should invest in bitcoin or not. He answered: “So first of all, why can’t you also sell money? Why not? It’s the same. The reason you can’t sell money is that you are very worried and want a mediating party to handle the risks. Prevent theft, all that stuff. That’s why banks exists. Are banks doomed to eventually disappear? The answer is yes! Should […]

Federal Reserve

In her final press conference, Fed Chairperson, Janet Yellen, answered some questions today regarding Bitcoin.  She stated that she sees any financial stability risk from Bitcoin as “limited”, saying she sees no significant exposure to our core financial institutions due to its price fluctuations. Earlier, when asked about the potential for regulation, she said that the Fed does not consider the impact of Bitcoin to be great enough to consider any regulation at this time. There has been a lot more activity in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world over the last few days, and most of it is quite different from […]

Bitcoin crosses $10k

Tonight the Bitcoin crossed $10,000 for the first time! We believe this is a significant game changer for the currency.  Throughout the day today, the financial channels were covering Bitcoin in great detail. Even some of the previous detractors are beginning to take notice. So what does this mean for Bitcoin investors? Our take is that we will continue to see some significant growth for the near term. Already the Bitcoin Investment Trust (Symbol: GBTC) is trading and was up over 10% today. The CBOE has announced plans for a Bitcoin futures offering in the near future, and the major […]


Don’t look now, but while we were watching the Bitcoin soar, Ethereum has had a meteoric rise! As this is written, the currency is up 59.45% over last month, compared to Bitcoin, up 45.53%. Obviously the numbers change by the minute, but the rise is very dramatic and has taken many by surprise. Many, but not everyone. Coinbase recognized the importance of Ethereum early on by including it as one of the three base currencies that one can purchase through the platform. And several companies have brought it into their existing programs, particularly in mining. Perhaps the best in our […]


With Bitcoin prices continuing to rise, you may look at your small portfolio and say, “Wow – how did I get that much?”. Before that time, you really need to take a look at all the latest security techniques to keep your investment safe. Our strategy is to simply continue taking profits off the table. We have investments employed in mining and loaning activities, but we are careful to maintain no more than we can afford to lose in open Bitcoin at any time. This strategy is not for everyone, so if you are concerned about the safety of storing […]

bitcoin chart

  With Bitcoin prices reaching as high as $6,150 last week, the debate continues on how to best capitalize on the growth. We aren’t here to tell you what to do, but we’re happy to give you our insights into the pros and cons of options available. We started our Bitcoin investment in May 2017, and we are now (21 Oct) up over 150% for the year to date. That’s mind-boggling! We’ve said before that we are not buyers and holders of Bitcoin. But we know lots of people who are. So, who is right? The answer depends on your own […]


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