The Rise of Ether

© Can Stock Photo / Violka08

Don’t look now, but while we were watching the Bitcoin soar, Ethereum has had a meteoric rise! As this is written, the currency is up 59.45% over last month, compared to Bitcoin, up 45.53%. Obviously the numbers change by the minute, but the rise is very dramatic and has taken many by surprise.

Many, but not everyone. Coinbase recognized the importance of Ethereum early on by including it as one of the three base currencies that one can purchase through the platform. And several companies have brought it into their existing programs, particularly in mining. Perhaps the best in our experience is Swiss Gold Global, a mining company that has brought us excellent results consistently in their Bitcoin mining. They offer Ethereum mining contracts and recently had some more forward mining contracts in Bitcoin as well as providing an opportunity for their subscribers to purchase gold and silver.

Ethereum is a relatively new currency, first proposed in 2013, and some of the more technical cryptofolks find its construction superior to that of Bitcoin. Not being all that much into the nuts and bolts, we will leave it with the reader to check this out, as plenty of resources exist. But if you haven’t started in an Ethereum program, this could be a good time to take another look.


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